Otolaryngologists, Matt Hensler and Kareem Tawfik from Cincinnati, USA produced a video about their ENT experiences after completing their residency. Here they share more about their creative forays into the online video world. 


“In our residency training program each year the graduating class typically puts together a video montage of several skits, which are played at the graduation ceremony. It's a great tradition, and the skits provide the graduates a chance to poke fun at their attendings' quirks. I'd always wanted to film some sort of parody, so I was tasked with producing the video for my class. ‘Regulate’ was one of several parts to the video.

Over several weeks, the song was written, filmed, and produced, and it ended up being a great hit at my graduation in 2015. Over the next couple years, colleagues and former residents would occasionally ask me to send them a copy or link to the video. At a certain point, we finally decided to share it on YouTube so that it would be easier for people to see. We thought that a handful of people would enjoy it, and we certainly never imagined it would gain this much attention. After it was posted on a medical satire website named GomerBlog, it really took off. Within that first week, it had over 14,000 views in 90 countries. The reaction from colleagues up to this point has only been positive, and we have certainly enjoyed the ‘fame’ within the ENT world. 

I was inspired to create the video initially as a junior resident, and I actually kept a running list of skit ideas on my phone. I always thought it’d be funny to make a parody of a music video and relate it to our residency training. When graduation finally approached during our chief year, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to piece it all together. Kareem and I shared a liking for rap music, and both of us had a musical background. Since we were on the same rotation at the time, we could easily record a scene together on a whim, and we didn't have to spend much time on set-up or travelling from one place to another. We tried to make use of the space around us. When you watch the video, you can tell we had a blast shooting it. 

The video took us a few weeks to produce. First we wrote the lyrics and recorded the song, and over the next few weeks we would get together during downtime or after finishing our clinical duties for the day. The next week was then dedicated to putting it all together on the computer. Although the beginning and end of the video make reference to “UC Productions”, that was put in there as a joke to represent the “producers” of a video. All writing, recording, editing, and producing were completed by us using a camera phone, GoPro, and an old laptop. 

We were aware that before sharing the video we should check out special permissions before sharing on the internet. Initially, we didn't have any specific permissions from our institutions as after all, this was a simple skit video made for graduation. We were careful to avoid any patient information in the video, and the initial audience was our former residents, attendings, and colleagues. However once the video began to gain attention, we sought and received approval from the hospital to keep it online.” 

“It certainly has been very entertaining since the video gained international attention and went ‘viral’. To our surprise, total strangers have approached us after watching the video, and they refer to us as
‘Matt Dogg’ and ‘Kareem T’!”

IFOS Picture with Matt'Special Mention' awarded at ENT World Video Contest,
IFOS Paris 2017 

The IFOS meeting in Paris in June was quite a spectacle: with 8,500 delegates from around the globe,‘internationalism’ was the buzzword.

Forty-three videos were submitted to the contest covering a range of topics. The videos were displayed on screens throughout the congress with 'Regulate' gaining a 'Special Mention'.

Matt and Kareem would like to give special credit and thanks to the following: Music track: Regulate (Instrumental Version) [Karaoke Version] - Pictomusic Karaoke. Original Track: Regulate - Warren G ft. Nate Dogg