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The Audiology Workbook (third edition) is aimed at students completing an audiology degree. It is designed as an accompaniment to the authors’ textbook, but I feel it could be used as a standalone workbook for any student audiologist. It asks questions which range in difficulty from beginner to advanced audiology theory, and would even be a useful tool for a qualified audiologist to test their knowledge for their continuing professional development.

The book is good quality for the price, and whilst the coil-binder style makes the pages a little untidy after the first time you open it, the benefit of being able to fully open the workbook to write in is worth it. The pages are a nice smooth white to write in, and each question has an appropriate amount of space provided to answer it fully. It has the added benefit of extensive answers being to hand at the back – although I wonder if these could have been issued as a separate booklet so that the questions were more transportable.

Worth noting - it is a little out of date for certain things. For example, the most recent BSA tympanometry protocols suggest not using the Jerger terminology to avoid communication errors between clinicians – yet there is an area in chapter 8 dedicated to questioning these types. That said, it is maybe still appropriate for the student to be aware of these types should they come across them in their future workplace.

Overall, this book is easy to follow, encourages active thinking, is good value for money, and mostly up to date. It lost one star for me due to some American terminology that might confuse the British student, and because the bulkiness of the workbook may limit its portability.

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Sarah Smith

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