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The preface to this textbook explains that its inspiration came from an identified need to replace a previously discontinued hearing science textbook authored by Durrant and Lovrinic in 1995.

This was an excellent resource that I used throughout my own audiology studies and used as a basis for my own audiology teaching. Sahley and Musiek’s replacement textbook does not disappoint in filling this gap. It starts at a basic and broad level and gradually increases its focus on hearing science. Before hearing sciences are introduced and explored, generic concepts of science and measurement are navigated, ensuring the more complex content is developed on a sound base. There are then chapters on sound measurement, acoustics, psychoacoustics and anatomy and physiology.

The book is written clearly at a level that would be understandable for audiology undergraduates or for postgraduate students new to the hearing sciences. Each chapter starts with a useful list of key concepts to be covered and is logically structured. At the end of each chapter there is a ‘take home’ summary and a number of questions that readers can use to check their understanding. Each chapter is well-referenced and, where appropriate, these are up to date (as the book deals with fundamentals of hearing science seminal but less up-to-date references are also given). There are many useful figures and diagrams that aid explanation. These are clear and support the text but are not always eye-catching.

I would definitely recommend this to my undergraduate audiology students as a core text that would provide broad support to their studies. It is noteworthy how well it aligns with the structure of the audiology curriculum within the UK and it therefore represents a good value purchase.

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Edward C Killan

University of Leeds.

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