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This resource is useful for students and professionals in the audiology field. It is an updated collection of over 7000 defined audiology terms and includes clear, concise figures and a glossary of abbreviations and audiometric symbols.

It seems to be true to its name in terms of how comprehensive the list is, and the appendix includes an interesting section on auditory disorders. This book could be a valuable addition to the clinic bookshelf as a helpful go-to resource. However, some may feel more comfortable using internet resources to look up terms in a more timely manner. Students would find this a very helpful revision aid as so many audiology terms are described within one book. It is available as an e-book for a reasonable cost.

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Bhavisha Parmar

MSc, PhD, University of Cambridge; Audiology Lecturer, UCL Ear Institute; Research Fellow, UCLH BRC, UK.

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