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Getting started in research

Dave had a passion for research and was very encouraging in developing a research interest in others. Bhavisha and Amanda are currently working with a team of researchers, patients, research funders, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England, to develop the 2023-2028 UK Action Plan for Hearing loss and Tinnitus Research - a set of recommendations to grow hearing research in the UK. Here, they discuss their journey to hearing care research and how you could get involved in the world of research.

Comprehensive Dictionary of Audiology – Third Edition

This resource is useful for students and professionals in the audiology field. It is an updated collection of over 7000 defined audiology terms and includes clear, concise figures and a glossary of abbreviations and audiometric symbols. It seems to be...

Redeployment of audiologists during COVID-19

As the demand on intensive therapy units in the NHS increased, volunteers from the audiology profession stepped in to support colleagues. Here, they share their experiences of caring on the frontline. Redefining normal: from outpatients to the ICU By Emilee...

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