The Diagnostic Audiology Pocket Guide, as advertised, fits into a pocket. Albeit a larger one. This textbook takes the reader on a brief journey through routine diagnostic audiology testing procedures, including some less performed tests such as wide-band acoustic immittance and patulous Eustachian tube testing.

The book aims at three target audiences: students, new clinicians and experienced audiologists. I asked one of our trainee assistant audiologists (thanks Sam!) to read some chapters in this book and Sam found the information clear and digestible. This text will make a useful revision guide for students looking to review key points. Experienced audiologists may find a quick guide to less performed tests helpful. The book’s format of presenting tests, then applying those tests in a table to a variety of different pathologies was well-structured and made sense, as does the inclusion of example audiograms for different pathologies.

For UK readers, there is little reference to protocols you may be used to seeing and this caught Sam out during quizzing sessions when slightly different ranges to the British Society of Audiology protocols were provided as answers to questions. For experienced clinicians, this window into alternative protocols and methods may be interesting. The only criticism I would have is that the pictures are not in colour and, as such, do not provide much useful information to the reader.

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John Waters

Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, UK.

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