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As the only textbook available on research methods in audiology, this book seems likely to be rapidly added to reading lists for undergraduate students. The authors draw on their extensive experience to guide readers through every stage of the research process. It is written not only for students and prospective researchers, but also clinicians keen to improve their ability to critically evaluate the evidence available to improve their decision-making.

Written primarily for an American readership, the authors do acknowledge that aspects of research vary in other countries, and some brief information is given on the European perspective. The frequent ‘golden nugget’ sections – short summaries of key points in highlighted boxes – are helpful throughout. 

The early chapters guide researchers through the planning process, particularly highlighting the importance of time management and obtaining an appropriately representative sample of participants. The section on quantitative data analysis gives a helpful overview of basic statistics for audiologists and directs readers towards additional reading via references, both within the text and the online supplementary materials. It is good to see a textbook providing detailed information on qualitative research and questionnaire development in audiology, areas that clinicians can undervalue. The chapters on evidence-based practice are particularly useful for those interested in critically evaluating research, outlining different types of literature review, with a focus on the highest quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The final section on disseminating research findings offers helpful and practical advice on presenting and publishing study outcomes, useful both to students and practising clinicians. 

A well-structured, comprehensive introduction to a topic that will be of benefit to anyone interested in evidence-based advancement of professional practice in audiology.

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Helen Brough

St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London; Bank Clinical Scientist (Audiology) / Paediatric Audiologist, Crystal Children’s Development Centre, Croydon, UK.

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