The foreword begins with a saying by George Bernard Shaw, “all great truths begin as blasphemies”. This certainly was the case with medical application of Botox initially, however, botulinum toxin now has an accepted role and is widely used in ENT and facial plastic surgery.

This book is a simple and an illustrative guide for applications of Botox in ENT related conditions, including its cosmetic application. It also has an interesting chapter on the history of medical application of Botox.

Benninger and Knott have co-authored a reader-friendly guide, providing clear indications and instructions on Botox use in ENT related dystonias, functional disorders and cosmetic applications. The book includes chapters on laryngeal dystonias, hemi facial spasm, headaches and salivary gland injections to name a few, along with chapters on facial aesthetic uses and techniques of Botox. The diagrammatic representation of the injection sites and the simplicity of the described techniques for Botox application in all conditions are very helpful and informative. All the topics have been referenced with up-to-date published evidence.

Overall, the book is a nice introduction to the use of Botox and its medical and cosmetic applications for ENT surgeons. I would recommend this book as an easy technical reference guide for otolaryngologists and facial plastic surgeons who are, or are thinking of using Botox as part of their armamentarium.

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Imran Khan

MBBS, MRCS, DOHNS, MSc, West of Scotland Deanery, UK.

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