Telepractice in Audiology is a useful insight and presents information in an easy to digest format whilst still being comprehensive. The book is aimed at those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of telepractice and those who may be considering incorporating this into their standard practice. This could be applicable to all professionals within the audiology and speech and language disciplines.

The authors do not assume any prior understanding of the reader which ensures all technical terms and concepts are well defined and allows for an easy read. Each process of assessment and rehabilitation is discussed with reference to telepractice and how this can enhance standard procedure. The authors present an unbiased view and highlight potential pitfalls and barriers the clinician may need to consider. Applications such as training and professional development are also touched upon and the benefits to the clinician and students of the profession.

There is a strong focus too on the patients and significant others, and how this can ultimately make services more accessible, cost effective and create minimal stress or anxiety. Real life working examples are referenced regularly which could provide a suitable benchmark for those considering adopting these methods. All points are well referenced and there are many suggestions for areas where research and supporting evidence is still lacking.

I was surprised to learn that telepractice spans back over 20 years but has become the forefront of discussion given rapid advances in technology. Given the exponential rate at which technology is developing around us, it is possible in the very near future that telepractice will be integral to our roles as clinicians, and is something we will need to be more familiar with.

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Liz Hignett

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