Brian Fligor is an experienced paediatric audiologist working in America. This book was written for the hearing impaired child and their family to demystify the technical and emotional aspects of hearing loss and the journey from diagnosis through to adolescents.

Each chapter has a separate subject area and the chapters flow very logically through the family’s journey. They cover areas such as: what is hearing loss, hearing tests, impact and types of hearing loss and the multidisciplinary team.

The book is a little ‘wordy’ with very few pictures or diagrams. Throughout the book there is a strong emphasis on explaining the building blocks of language, social, emotional and academic development, and therefore why ‘treating’ hearing loss effectively from as early as possible is key to minimising its effects later on in life.

The book was written with an American audience in mind, and whilst some facts and figures were similar to those in the UK, there were some areas that did not apply.

Although written for families, this book is a useful read for all professionals involved with hearing impaired children. It gives insight into how parents may view clinic sessions and how we, as clinicians, can help them to understand the hearing loss and the requirement for early intervention in a way that addresses their concerns for their child’s future in a more relevant way.

Overall, I would recommend this book for parents and paediatric audiologists, especially those who are less experienced with paediatrics.

I would rate it 4/5, with the one mark being lost for the American inaccuracies for the UK market.

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Sheena Hartland

Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK.

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