This book provides an up-to date, succinct overview of diagnostic and rehabilitative vestibular audiology, inclusive of new diagnostic techniques. It is aimed at lab instructors, students, and clinicians working in a vestibular/balance assessment and/or rehabilitation setting, focusing on content to achieve core knowledge and skills for clinical practice.

This is delivered by dividing the book into chapters based on specific diagnostic tests as well as vestibular rehabilitation and report writing. Each chapter is clear and concise, describing each diagnostic test with a brief rationale for each test, moving through to practical exercises and reflective learning. Chapters are designed to engage the student or clinician in approximately one-hour focused sessions around core concepts, the author sign-posts the reader to more comprehensive resources for more in-depth information.

It is full of active learning opportunities by the author, giving examples of case studies as well as guided practice exercises. The guided practice provides an excellent basis for applying learnt theoretic knowledge to the clinical environment, effectively fulfilling its intention to ‘give practical guidance and confidence to students and clinicians.’

This book is an up-to date, effective and easy-to-use resource to guide learning of a complex subject. In my view, it is of great value to those new to vestibular assessment or to those who would like to refresh their knowledge. I would strongly recommend this book as it delivers on its goals, giving it a 5-star rating.

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Gemma Hopkins

Nottingham Audiology Services, Ropewalk House, Nottingham, UK.

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