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Tracheostomy safety project

Tracheostomy care is evolving, with the majority of procedures now performed percutaneously to facilitate weaning from mechanical ventilation in the critically ill. Traditional surgical indications remain, but surgical tracheostomies are increasingly performed in more complex patients. This brings unique challenges...

Inspiratory peak flow and tracheostomy

The evaluation of the degree of laryngeal obstruction to indicate a tracheostomy has always been a subjective decision. The authors correlated the visual laryngeal obstruction by flexible nasolaryngoscopy and the peak inspiratory flow using a pocket peak inspiratory flowmeter. Twenty-two...

Assessing surgical tracheostomy skills

Surgical tracheostomy is an essential operation that trainees must be competent in. There is a lot of research currently looking into assessing trainees’ surgical abilities, particularly into assessments that can be used to demonstrate progress, so this article is very...

Tracheostomy P.A.M.®

Paediatric Airway Model Packaged with helpful educational accessories, our paediatric educational model is conveniently sized, and perfect for demonstration and education.

A global survey of tracheostomy healthcare provision and patient participation: requirements for improvement

Patients with tracheostomy require comprehensive care which should begin in the preoperative phase and go through immediate postoperative and discharge phases with patient involvement as well. The authors assessed this with a multicentre, cross-sectional survey using a mailing list held...

The Royal Marsden Tracheostomy Study Day

The Royal Marsden Hospital, 203 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6JJ, UK