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Benefit of prolonged voice rest following phonosurgery

The recommendation for voice rest following surgery is not agreed amongst surgeons, regarding either the type of voice rest (absolute or relative) or the optimal duration. In this ongoing study, 31 elective patients operated on for benign laryngeal lesions were...

Update on orbital complication of acute sinusitus

This study aims to illustrate the Graz experience. The study is retrospective, 53 patients with orbital complication of sinusitis were examined / confirmed by a University Hospital from 2000 to 2011. Thirty-seven underwent surgery, seven of which experienced a recurrence....

Cadaveric variation of nasolacrimal duct lateral nasal wall landmarks

Twenty mid-sagittal head sections of 10 fresh frozen cadavers were studied after removal of the nasal septum. This study showed that the most anterior projection of the middle turbinate head was noted to be anterior to the nasolacrimal duct in...

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