The recommendation for voice rest following surgery is not agreed amongst surgeons, regarding either the type of voice rest (absolute or relative) or the optimal duration. In this ongoing study, 31 elective patients operated on for benign laryngeal lesions were randomised. They completed pre-and postoperative assessments, including perceptual voice quality (Grade, Roughness, Breathiness, Asthenia, Strain, Instability scale), Voice Handicap Index total score and voice analysis with both acoustic and aerodynamic measurements. Additional factors (smoking, vocal abuse, reflux and preoperative speech therapy) were also taken into account. 16 patients were randomised to follow five days voice rest and 15 patients were randomised to 10 days voice rest. The improvement in maximum phonation time with 10 days voice rest were significantly better. Collecting a larger patient sample will definitely permit us to draw safer conclusions.

The effect of voice rest on the outcome of phonosurgery for benign laryngeal lesions: preliminary results of a prospective randomized study.
Kiagiadaki D, Remacle M, Lawson G, Bachy V, Van der Vorst S.
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