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Predicting outcomes in rhinology using fluid dynamic models

This article discusses the rhinological applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – a method derived from engineering applications, such as aerodynamics. Its appeal is that it can provide simulated data on airflow velocity, pressure, resistance, temperature, humidity, heat flux and...

Functional considerations in reconstruction after laryngectomy

With a plethora of different reconstructive options and techniques available after laryngectomy, it can be difficult to clearly see which give the lowest complication rates and best functional outcomes. This article aims to summarise the current evidence in swallowing and...

Do we need contrast MRI when screening for vestibular schwannoma?

Gadolinium contrast enhanced T1-weighted (gT1w) MRI images of the internal acoustic meati have long been considered the gold standard in the diagnosis of vestibular schwannoma (VS). However, the addition of contrast to the MRI examination increases the cost and time...

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