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ENT & Audiology in this issue...The Outer Ear

Emma Stapleton, MBChB, FRCS (ORL-HNS), Consultant Otolaryngologist, Cochlear Implant and Skull Base Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK. E: @otolaryngolofox Priya Carling, AuD,Director and Consultant Audiologist,Kent Hearing Ltd, UK. E: The outer ear is, we think, the unsung hero...

Audiology in this issue...Genomics

Priya Carling, AuD, Director and Consultant Audiologist, Kent Hearing Ltd, UK. E: As a working clinical audiologist, my focus every day is predominantly diagnostics of hearing loss, closely followed by management of ear pathology and rehabilitation of hearing loss...

100,000 Genomes Project: in conversation with Tess Lopez

For Jul/Aug 2021, ENT & Audiology News features several contributions from the 100,000 Genomes Project, and Tess Lopez very kindly agreed to talk to me about her involvement with the project, as well as sharing her personal experiences of having...

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