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Rapid genetic testing to avoid hearing loss in neonates

Thousands of newborn babies could avoid a lifetime of hearing loss thanks to a new rapid genetic test. In this article, we learn how. We have demonstrated for the first time that a rapid genetic test from a cheek swab...

ENT & Audiology in this issue...The Outer Ear

Emma Stapleton, MBChB, FRCS (ORL-HNS), Consultant Otolaryngologist, Cochlear Implant and Skull Base Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK. E: @otolaryngolofox Priya Carling, AuD,Director and Consultant Audiologist,Kent Hearing Ltd, UK. E: The outer ear is, we think, the unsung hero...

Audiology in this issue...Genomics

Priya Carling, AuD, Director and Consultant Audiologist, Kent Hearing Ltd, UK. E: As a working clinical audiologist, my focus every day is predominantly diagnostics of hearing loss, closely followed by management of ear pathology and rehabilitation of hearing loss...

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