I am currently serving a chairman of Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, University of Tokyo. I am an executive board member of IFOS, Asia Oceania ORL-HNS, and the ORL society of Japan which more than 11000 members belong to. My main fields are otology and neurotology and I have a lot of experience of cochlear implantation, tympanoplasty, canaloplasty, and lateral skull base surgery. I am also a President of Japanese Audiological Society which contains more than 2500 members including approximately 1700 ENT doctors. The annual number of cochlear implantation has been increasing to be approximately 1200 in Japan.

Latest Contribution

Vestibular dysfunction after cochlear implantation in children

Whilst vestibular dysfunction is a known outcome of cochlear implant surgery, do we know the risk factors associated with this, particularly in children? In this article a team from University of Tokyo discuss their findings. Cochlear implantation (CI) is an...

IFOS 2026 bid cities

As Dubai prepares to host IFOS 2023, the next IFOS congress in 2026 is already being planned. The competition to host the meeting is certain to be fierce – we hear from the organisers around the world bidding to bring...

In conversation with Professor Seiji Kakehata

Endoscopic ear surgery has been a rapidly evolving area of clinical practice in recent years. Our Global Ambassador in the Far East/ASEAN Region, Professor Tatsuya Yamasoba talks to one of the main exponents of this technique, and about the next...

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