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Young CEORL-HNS is a subgroup within CEORL-HNS which encompasses new specialists in ENT within training and up to the first decade or so as an accredited specialist. Giuditta Mannelli is the current president and is a head and neck surgeon in Florence. She, along with the other members of the executive board, introduces the role of the YCEORL-HNS, the activities they promote and why you should actively participate in the group – if you are young!


The Young Confederation is a group of individuals within the Confederation of European ORL-HNS which aims to create links between the young ENT consultants in Europe in order to share experiences, promote education and offer opportunities.

After an initial phase of testing, the Young CEORL-HNS Executive Board is pleased to present the first initiatives that will develop in the coming weeks. We aim to share experiences between colleagues across Europe in order to contribute to the professional and personal growth of each member of this scientific community. Our goal is to involve as many colleagues as possible to expand the communication network and facilitate cultural exchanges. The ultimate goal also includes enriching scientific activities and creating work and study opportunities through communication and socialisation.

We present the main upcoming events and the most recent activities of every subspecialty group, illustrating the infinite opportunities for application and development of each one. The first of our engaging activities is our monthly quiz, held on the second Monday of the month, with solution presentations taking place on the other Mondays. These quizzes are held on the CEORL-HNS social media channels, providing a platform for ENT enthusiasts to test their knowledge. We ensure comprehensive coverage of all ENT subspecialties, from basic scenarios to advanced cases and more, through a rotating selection of topics. We welcome participation and engagement from all of our community members. You can contribute by answering the quiz questions or even suggesting your own intriguing cases for consideration. We would be delighted to have you join.


Some members of the Young Confederation join Congress President
Cem Meco for a selfie at the 2022 CEORL-HNS meeting in Milan. 


The second activity, which takes place every two months or quarterly, is our webinars which are completely free to access via our website for members of the Young CEORL-HNS group. They have been structured to create discussion and open debate between at least three speakers on a specific surgical or clinical topic. Appointments have already been scheduled for the next six months but external proposals will be welcomed and brought to our attention via the official email address found on the web page

Thirdly, we would like to highlight that within the Young CEORL-HNS Executive Board, there are coordinators of four groups of scientific training activities specific to the following subspecialties: rhinology, paediatric ENT, otology and skull base, and head and neck including laryngology and reconstructive surgery. Each group is focused on carrying out research projects, publications, training events, presence and participation in relevant conferences and meetings. Young CEORL-HNS members will be able to consult the web page and choose to participate in research calls which will be published cyclically on the website. Research protocols and participation criteria will be specified so that the activity is carried out with transparency, respecting the shared data. The coordinators are open to discussions and proposals for research activities, and work proposals can be sent via the dedicated form at


(L-R): Cem Meco, Michael Kuo, Giuditta Mannelli, David T Liu, and
Daniele Borsetto at the CEORL-HNS meeting in Milan, 2022. 


In 2023, the rhino subgroup hosted a special issue in Frontiers in Surgery titled ‘No time to die: Or if tomorrow never comes? - What can we draw from the pandemic and general instability? An opportunity for surgeons to grasp’. It will be strongly involved in the programme of the ERS/European Rhinology Society Congress 2025 (Budapest) and will represent the YCEORL-HNS.

For its part, the otology subgroup combines different elements to create a dynamic project aiming to advance otology knowledge and practice among the Young Confederation members while promoting consensus, network and collaboration. This subgroup has organised three webinars with topics on Eustachian tube dysfunction, clinical vestibology and endoscopic ear surgery. They are currently working on a few ongoing research collaborations and the development of a consensus paper. The group has, together with the Young Confederation and external experts, arranged multiple presentations with otology content for European ENT meetings.

The head and neck subgroup is dedicated to advances in the use of artificial intelligence in head and neck research. Their commitment is evident in their contributions to the special issue of European Archives of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Disease, where they share cutting-edge research. A consensus about laryngeal cancer is in development and results will be shown at future meetings.

The paediatric subgroup of YCEORL-HNS is comprised of eight members from different European countries: France, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Ukraine. The wide array of countries of origin is a great advantage, allowing for comparison of paediatric management across Europe. During the Milan CEORL-HNS Congress in 2022, the YCEORL-HNS sessions discussing basic clinical cases such as infectious disease or airway management, greatly benefited from these diverse points of view, and we hope to achieve the same again at the Dublin congress this year. Altogether, the four subgroups’ efforts demonstrate their dedication to striving for improved diagnosis, treatment, and education in the field of otorhinolaryngology. The Young CEORL-HNS’s presence at Dublin 2024 is pivotal for advancing the ENT and audiology fields. We bring fresh perspectives and an eagerness to innovate, bridging the gap between established practices and emergent methodologies.

Our focus on the education and basic track aims to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Through an array of formats like ‘Meet the Expert’, interactive cases, and hands-on workshops, we offer a comprehensive, interactive learning experience. This programme isn’t just for the novices; it’s designed to benefit everyone from medical students to seasoned professionals, providing a platform for academic exchange and best practices. Our diverse set of offerings, from sustainability roundtables to speed-dating networking events, ensures that we are addressing the multifaceted needs and interests of tomorrow’s ENT leaders.

So, why join the Young Conferdereation of the CEORL-HNS? This group provides the opportunity to create a network for future collaboration, to find information about projects that could establish new partnerships, and to offer opportunities for future career experiences. In addition to that, by following our webpage and becoming a member of the CEORL-HNS, which is free of charge, you will have the opportunity to receive our newsletter that will highlight every educational opportunity, available course and initiative that will help to shape your future ENT career and push you outside the boundaries of your own country towards a more European view of collaboration.


The Young CEORL-HNS Executive Board


Giuditta Mannelli,
Chair, Florence, Italy.


David T Liu,
Vice Chair, Vienna, Austria.


Pavol Surda,
Strategic Chair, London, UK.


Daniele Borsetto,
Educational Chair, Cambridge, UK.


Carlos Chiesa-Estomba,
H&N Coordinator, Donostia, Spain.


Francois Simon,
Paediatric Coordinator, Paris, France.


Niels Cramer West,
Otology Coordinator, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Marlene M Speth,
Rhinology Coordinator, Aarau, Switzerland.


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Giuditta Mannelli

Florence, Italy.

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David T Liu

Vienna, Austria.

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Pavol Surda

MD, Guys & St Thomas’s NHS Trust, London, UK.

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Daniele Borsetto

Cambridge, UK.

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Carlos Chiesa-Estomba

Donostia, Spain.

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Niels Cramer West

MD, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery & Audiology, Copenhagen University Hospital; Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Marlene M Speth

Aarau, Switzerland.

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