New Widex Study On Fractal Sound Stimulation in Hearing Aids Shows Positive Effects for Tinnitus Treatment and Overall Well-Being

Widex USA Inc. has published preliminary results of an ongoing study that validates the use of fractal sound stimulation, specifically new Widex SoundRelax tones, in treating tinnitus and supporting relaxation, concentration and well-being for all Widex wearers.

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Untreated reflux can cause inflammation, scarring, narrowing and precancerous changes in the oesophagus and larynx, and may increase the risk of asthma and sleep apnoea.

MED-EL revolutionises cochlear implantation with unparalleled synchrotron dataset of temporal bones

MED-EL, a leading innovator in the field of cochlear implant research and development, has announced an agreement with the Western University (London, Canada) and Mitacs to gain exclusive access to an extraordinary synchrotron dataset of temporal bones.

Grason-Stadler Releases GSI Cloud

Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, is pleased to announce the release of GSI Cloud™, a secure, cloud-based data management system.

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In laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), refluxed stomach contents travel up the oesophagus and reach the larynx, causing chronic extra-gastrointestinal symptoms such as a persistent cough, hoarseness or difficulty swallowing, meaning it is often attributed to ENT problems.

BIOHIT launches new quick test to help streamline gastroscopy referrals

BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd will be attending the upcoming BSG Live 2023 conference in Liverpool, where it will unveil a revolutionary new test to support decision making for gastroscopy referrals and improve the early detection of gastric cancer.

Quick & Painless Treatment with Sterile Single-use Clearway Suction Handle

Ideal for use in A&E, ENT, and Audiology treatment rooms, DTR Medical’s Clearway Suction Handle has a soft malleable suctioning cap that effectively latches onto the surface of uneven objects and removes them, such as foreign bodies and plugs of dead skin and wax.

Carleton Introduce New 445nm Blue Laser

Carleton Medical are the new UK distributor for the BlueScan ENT 445nm Laser from manufacturer InterMedic.

Otovent new app launched – come and explore Otopia!

Otovent proudly launches their new fun, easy to use app to help track Otovent use.

Clinical Observations of Otinova in everyday life

Otinova for Otitis Externa or ‘swimmers ear’. When Associate Professor and senior physician Mats Engstrom came across Otinova in his ENT clinic in Lakarhuset, Uppsala, he collected detailed information about the patients who tried the preparation.

Develop your clinical skills with the Interacoustics Academy

The Interacoustics Academy supports hearing care professionals by giving access to the most current and relevant clinical knowledge in hearing and balance.

Leading in cochlear implant reliability

All MED-EL’S titanium cochlear implants since 2006 have an overall cumulative survival rate of over 99%.