World Health Organization

Over the past two years, World Health Organization (WHO) has organised the Stakeholders’ meetings for its programme on prevention of deafness and hearing loss. These meetings have provided WHO an opportunity to share its work in the field of ear and hearing care as well as the WHA resolution on prevention of deafness and hearing loss (WHA70.13). The meetings have also served to improve understanding of global needs and perspectives of different stakeholders and have helped to define a shared vision for global action on hearing loss.
The main purpose of such action is to promote implementation of the WHA resolution in order to make ear and hearing care accessible to all people across the world.

During the second meeting held in July 2017, it was concluded that promotion of World Hearing Day and development of a world report are important steps in this direction. The meeting also agreed that the possibility of setting up a global alliance for hearing will be explored.

It is now planned to organise the next meeting in 2018 with the main objectives to:

  • Review actions initiated/undertaken by WHO, its partners and Member States for implementation of the WHA 70.13
  • Share case studies / examples that showcase the implementation of WHA 70.13
  • Propose strategies for a global alliance on hearing loss
  • Plan the theme and activities for World Hearing Day 2019
  • Explore possibilities for resource mobilisation


  • Representatives of Member States
  • Key professionals involved in development and monitoring of national strategies including otolaryngologists, audiologists, public health experts from across the 6 WHO regions
  • Representatives of international and leading regional professional organisations
  • INGOs involved in ear and hearing care
  • Civil society groups
  • WHO collaborating centres in ear and hearing care
  • UN agencies
  • Associations of manufacturers of hearing devices
  • Bilateral organisations
  • Research institutions, researchers and editors of scientific journals
  • Health communication experts
  • Regional advisers for ear and hearing care
  • WHO country office representatives involved in ear and hearing care strategies
  • Other WHO departments

Meeting* dates and venue: 3-4 July 2018, WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland


* Please note that the meeting is not an open event, and participation is by invitation only.