The Hallpike prize was first awarded in 2009, following the kind donation of Dr Jeremy Hallpike, Emeritus Neurologist from Adelaide, Australia, in honour of his father, Charles Skinner Hallpike.

The prize is awarded annually for the best project of the past 24-month period (research, audit or review of subject) in the area of audiovestibular medicine. The project can be unpublished or be in the form of a presentation or poster, but the prize committee must be able to assess its quality from the available information. This committee consists of the chairmen of the Education, Audit and Clinical Standards Subcommittees under the chairmanship of the Vice President of BAAP.

The successful candidate receives the prize certificate and a cheque for £300, which will be awarded at the March 2018 BAAP Annual Conference (or in exceptional circumstances at the October Hallpike Symposium) when the prize winner is expected to present his/her work.

The completed form needs to be submitted such that it is received by the BAAP Honorary Secretary before 1 January 2019. Those received later will be considered for the following year.

Please visit the BAAP website for details of how to apply.

Nehzat Koohi won the Hallpike Prize 2017 for her research on 'Hearing Evaluation and Auditory Rehabilitation after Stroke'

Read more about Hallpike Prize in the January/February 2017 issue (Vol 25 No 6) of ENT & Audiology News