Members of the online forum, Tinnitus Talk, and the wider tinnitus community, seek to promote inquiry and investigation that will lead towards a cure for tinnitus. They are working in conjunction with the British Tinnitus Association to identify a recipient for a student grant of up to £4500 (GBP), donated in memory of Daniel Ballinger.

"Daniel was passionate about helping sufferers of tinnitus whilst suffering with it himself. He spent hours online researching possible solutions and was adamant there would be a cure for tinnitus one day."

The vision of the British Tinnitus Association is ‘A world where no one suffers from tinnitus’. The tinnitus community believes the best way to achieve this vision is with the discovery of effective treatments and ultimately, a cure. By supporting this goal in remembrance of Daniel Ballinger, the tinnitus community hopes to raise researcher awareness with the aim of achieving a cure as the priority.

Students worldwide, studying within a programme leading to a Master of Science, Research, or a Doctoral Degree, are welcome to submit applications. Donors to the Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund, will then evaluate each application and vote to select the recipient of the grant.

To apply, please complete the application form on the British Tinnitus Association website and submit via e-mail to

Closing date 31 December 2018.

Full information is available at