ENT history expert, surgeon and regular contributor, John Riddington Young from North Devon recently told us of his love of the art of stained glass and shared photographs of his creative work.

"I have always loved the colour of stained glass and one winter I decided to brighten up the conservatory with a frieze. I made all sorts of designs for things which have had some symbolism in my life: a white Yorkshire rose, a bulldog's face, a St John Cross, a Templar cross; Sweet peas (I grow exhibition sweet peas), Punch and Judy (I used to do the show as a student), a pilgrim's cockle shell (I walked all the way to Santiago), an owl (my family crest has a barn owl), a knife (my heraldic achievement has three knives - for surgery, my birthplace Sheffield and the Army) and quite a few more."

"Among the others are the ossicles of the middle ear and the tonsils. One day the postman said that he thought that he had worked out all the others including the pharynx, but was stuck as to what the otology window represented. Interestingly the telephone engineer got that in one, but couldn't fathom the throat pane."

John Riddington Young

TD and bar, MPhil, FRCS, DLO, North Devon DGH. Barnstaple, UK.

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