The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation working to integrate person-centred care in hearing rehabilitation. 

Person-centred care allows people to articulate their needs better and make shared decisions with their hearing care professionals. This enables them to play a more active role in their own care and manage their hearing more effectively. This philosophy is central to the ‘Inspired by Ida’ programme launched by Ida Institute.

The programme offers free training to hearing care professionals in how to apply person-centred methods and tools. Once they have completed two dedicated online courses, they sign the ‘Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics’, stating their commitment to applying principles of person-centred care in their daily practice. Finally, they receive the ‘Inspired by Ida’ label – a benchmark of quality that helps people identify hearing care professionals committed to applying person-centred care in practice.

Clinics can also become members and receive the ‘Inspired by Ida’ label if at least 80% of their staff has completed the required courses.

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