Emma Stapleton, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Cochlear Implant and Skull Base Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary, shares your event reports and news from around the world.

In this Digital International Newsround, we wish a very hearty good luck and best wishes to Polly Chester, who has been our wonderful Editorial Co-ordinator for the past six years. All the best in your new role, Polly! We also have a fine selection of reports and event previews. Finally, it is with great sadness and respect that we say goodbye to David Pothier, who was a longstanding member of the magazine's editorial board, and a friend and inspiration to many of us.





15 December 1973 - 27 July 2018

Section Editor: Tech Reviews
ENT & Audiology News

It is with very heavy hearts that we say farewell to an esteemed member of our ENT & Audiology News team, Dr David Pothier, who passed away peacefully on 27 July. Read more...



BACO International 2018; 4-6 July 2018, Manchester, UK

BACO 2018 brought together more than 1300 healthcare professionals, students, patients and carers from over 45 countries, in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Read more...


SFO Day at BACO International 2018; 5 July 2018, Manchester, UK

The SFO Day at BACO 2018 proved to be very popular to both foundation year doctors and medical students; there were 151 registrations and 100 abstracts submitted. Read more...


2nd African Head and Neck Society (AfHNS) Annual Scientific Conference; 
5-6 May 2018, Accra, Ghana

In 2005 there were no specialist head and neck surgeons in Sub-Saharan Africa north of South Africa. By 2018 there were 14 Read more...

119th Annual Meeting of the ORL Society of Japan; 30 May-2 June 2018, Yokohama, Japan

About 5500 participants attended this meeting, including 311 medical students and general residents. The meeting was also recognised as the 125th anniversary of the ORL society of Japan. Read more...

14th ENT Danube Symposium; 
20-23 June 2018, Krems, Austria
More than 310 registered participants and 25 companies from 27 countries and 6 continents joined and supported the 14th ENT Danube Symposium. Read more...


1st International EES/ECHO Symposium in Berlin
21-22 June 2018, Berlin, Germany

“The speakers’ contributions demonstrated that endoscopic ear surgery has clear and demonstrable benefits. An increasing number of ear surgeons and surgical centers around the world are using this innovative, minimally invasive surgical technique with great success.” – Professor Dr. Serena Preyer. Read more...

VI Interdisciplinary Congress of Diseases of the Head and Neck; 
17-19 May 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation

Report by Pryanikov Pavel PhD, ENT surgeon, researcher, Dmitry Rogachev National Research Centre of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology and Immunology. Read more...

Interview with the President of EUHA Martin Blecker. 
EUHA 2018; 17-19 October  2018; Hannover, Germany

“We shall take a glimpse into the future of our industry! We are heading forward and we're interested in what the future holds. We are taking the Congress delegates on a journey into the future.”  Read more...


IFOS WORLD Course on Hearing Rehabilitation. Joint Meeting with the Pan-American Association; 11-13 November 2018, Lima, Peru

This course addresses the requirements of the IFOS global missions – to promote the specialty all around the world reflecting the practice diversity. Read more...

In July, we were very sorry to bid farewell to Polly from the Pinpoint offices. Regular readers and contributors will know that she has been the Editorial Co-ordinator at the magazine for six years. In this role, she has been at the very heart of the magazine’s operation, with the unenviable responsibility for ensuring that articles are commissioned, received, edited, proofread and published in a smooth fashion. If you know that expression about herding cats, you’ll know how difficult this kind of task can be! Polly has been utterly superb – unflappable, charming, persuasive (very important when asking favours of people….) and an absolute delight to work with. She is moving on to a role in the journal, Rhinology, and her new post will allow her to see more of her young family. The magazine has undergone a lot of change during her time at Pinpoint, and she has handled any turbulence with utter calm and composure. It has been an absolute delight working with her, and we are all genuinely very sorry to see her go. We wish her well, and I certainly hope she will join us for a Pinpoint night out next time I am in Edinburgh!

– Declan Costello



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