By Prof Tim Woolford. 

I have the great honour of being the next President of the Section of Laryngology & Rhinology at the RSM and my colleague, Raj Bhalla, has kindly agreed to be Honorary Secretary. We’ve organised a programme designed to have wide appeal with speakers renowned for their expertise and teaching. 

On 1 November we have the semon lecture given by John Watkinson, and following this, I deliver my presidential address. This will be a rather different experience for me, used as I am to giving clinical lectures rather than personal reflections. My title is ‘A Career in Rhinology and Nasal Plastic Surgery: Learning Through Teaching’ focusing on the key role that being a surgical teacher plays in developing one’s skills. 

The 6 December meeting will begin with a rhinology panel chaired by Raj, with the theme ‘Common things are common’. A panel of Daniel Simmen, Shahz Ahmed, Claire Hopkins and Sean Carrie will discuss problems we see in everyday practice. Kate Heathcote will give a practical talk on ‘How to manage dysphonia’ and Quentin Gardiner will discuss ‘Preparation for the intercollegiate exam: guidelines for trainees and trainers’. We will also have poster sessions at this meeting. 

On 7 February we have our first paediatric session, with Neil Bateman giving us an update on paediatric rhinology. Nick Roland will then discuss various dilemmas in the diagnosis and investigation of head and neck cancer. ‘How to straighten the deviated nose’ will be described by Dirk Jan Menger from Utrecht. Finally, on this session my colleague from the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital, Saj Ataullah, will present important aspects of ophthalmology and oculoplastics for ENT surgeons. 

On 6 March we have decided to move away from a full free paper session, and we will only have one paper presentation at the start of the session, the winner of the poster session. Next we have our paediatric panel, keeping with the theme ‘Common things are common’. This will be chaired in style by Ray Clarke, with panellists Mike Kuo, Iain Bruce, Michelle Wyatt and Haytham Kubba. David Roberts will then give his thoughts about performing safe and effective sinus surgery, and finally Peter Andrews will describe the practical management of ENT vasculitis, a subject which has evolved greatly in recent years. 

For our final session on 1 May we will begin with a lecture on improving outcomes for patients with chronic sinusitis from JLO Visiting Professor, Simon Carney from Adelaide. My colleague Jarrod Homer will describe how to manage head and neck emergencies, including neck stabbings which we sadly are now seeing with increasing frequency. We will end our programme with a rhinoplasty panel entitled ‘There is no such thing as an easy rhinoplasty’, one of my favoured sayings! This will be chaired by Paul White, with a highly experienced panel of Julian Rowe-Jones, Rui Xavier, Alwyn D’Souza and Sam Most.

I hope you will be able to join us at the RSM in London for some or all of the programme which I’m confident will be of great educational value. 

Tim Woolford (Prof)

Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary; Honorary Clinical Professor, Edge Hill University, UK.

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