This book brings a great new comprehensive text to audiologists. It is readable, despite most chapters being written by different authors. Dr Galster has edited a collection of chapters from experts in their field into something that is comprehensive, totally understandable and clinically relevant.

The chapter content is interspaced with boxes of ‘pearls’, terminology and key points. I found these helpful for cementing key areas of the chapter in my mind. Areas like real ear measurements include sections on more advanced procedures like verification of CROS that I haven’t seen so comprehensively covered in the existing textbooks before.

The text also has chapters on cochlear implants, bone conduction, tinnitus, assistive technology and noise protection. This ensures that the text considers all aspects of audiology treatment to some extent. I would say the main use of the book would be to provide a comprehensive text on hearing aid fitting and verification but an understanding of the specialist areas is so useful in this type of text and I’m pleased it has been covered well.

One of the extra things you get is an access code to allow you to access the whole book online. I find this particularly helpful as the book itself is definitely not a portable size so I can access the knowledge on the go as well. The way the content online is presented is each chapter being a single click rather than pages. I like this - it makes for great scrolling to find the section that you require in a chapter.

I found the book to be relevant, accurate evidence-based best practice information throughout. I feel this book would make a great addition to audiology department libraries and students‘ reading and is written so comprehensively that any audiologist fitting hearing aids would find useful content within its pages.

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Sue Falkingham

Education and Training, Starkey Hearing Technologies, UK.

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