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Our departmental library has a copy of the first edition of this text, and on the odd occasion it’s not booked out to a student, it makes a very handy reference text to dip in and out of. Having recently wrestled the first edition back, a quick comparison between the original and version three shows an evolution of authors and sections, with some chapters merging with others and current themes in paediatric audiology commanding their own sections.

The introduction directs this text at AuD and PhD students but also as a field guide for practising paediatric and educational audiologists. I certainly recommend sections to BSc and MSc students as they work through their placements in our department and would continue to do this with the third edition. It’s worth mentioning that section authors do tend to reference the standards of their working country: for example, ‘hearing test protocols for children’ leans towards AAA & ASHA guidance whereas ‘auditory evoked response testing in children’ leans towards the UK NHSP guidance.

The text is easily navigable, with colour-coded sections, key point boxes at the start of the chapters, ‘pearls and pitfalls’ key information boxes throughout, and handy discussion questions at the end.

For those less ham-fisted than myself, there is a scratch panel in the front of the book, revealing a code to allow you to access videos – an essential part of understanding behavioural responses are actually seeing the responses. If, like me, you are likely to scratch off the silver code cover, half the code and half the front cover, I suggest finding a friend with a more delicate touch! Once into the videos, they will provide excellent discussion points on technique. If you are new to this, do watch them with senior colleagues and compare thoughts.

If you are an aspiring paediatric audiologist or even a Dumbledore of the magical world of paediatric audiology, I would highly recommend this book makes it onto your list of text.

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Gareth Smith

MSc, AuD, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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