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The Ewings and paediatric audiology

Medical historian, Laura Dawes, discusses how Irene and Alexander Ewing were instrumental in shaping paediatric audiology in the first half of the 20th century. Irene and Alexander Ewing were the power couple of audiology in the UK in the mid-20th...

Evidence based practice in paediatric audiology

Audiology, like most of the health sciences professions, has been working on integrating evidence-based practice principles since the mid-1990s [1]. Professional organisations and regulatory colleges have produced evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, disseminated them to audiologists and collaborated with practitioners to...

QuietStar completes their latest paediatric audiology test room

Working with the Estates & Facilities Team of the Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, QuietStar recently completed an ISO-compliant paediatric audiology test room for The Children’s Assessment Centre within the Dorset County Hospital.

Audiology in this issue... Paediatric Audiology Gamechangers (NovDec18)

Fifty years ago, the National Conference on Education of the Deaf followed up on the Babbidge Report of 1965, recognising the failure of oralism in deaf education. Because young, deaf children at that time did not have access to sound, they could not develop speech and language. Further, because children were identified at two years or later, early intervention was only a dream.
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