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Technology in the time of COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted how ENT care is delivered. Amongst the significant upheaval, it has also been a time of great innovation and several opportunities have emerged to address longstanding issues in both the delivery of care and organisation of services.

Running a post-COVID smell clinic

Over the past year, much of our effort as a speciality has been directed towards crisis management and keeping services afloat. Our practice has changed in untold ways, but unprecedented numbers of patients with smell disorders will increasingly require our...

Reflections on educational gatherings in the COVID era

The COVID pandemic has brought disruption and uncertainty for the organisers of medical conferences. ENT and audiology have always thrived on a healthy exchange of views and the sharing of knowledge across subspecialties and across national boundaries. Ray Clarke asked...

LABAT Asia announces COVID-ready audiometer

During the difficult times of COVID-19, Labat Asia’s R&D department worked hard and came up with a product useful for COVID times.

A new hope for post-COVID olfactory loss?

Does anyone remember COVID? It seems that what happened between 2019 and 2021 is all but forgotten about. Aside from it cropping up on news feeds occasionally and a few out-of-date automated phone messages that start off with ‘During the...

COVID masks & hearing loss: communication tips & advice

As COVID continues and face masks are deemed mandatory in many places, hearing loss experts Clear Living have launched two new visual graphics with an accompanying article featuring tips and advice to help aid communication with those affected by hearing...

Coronavirus: leading surgeon calls for 'Covid-free hubs' to treat cancer patients

Professor Michael Griffin said cancer surgeons are facing 'an impossibly difficult question' of whether to operate amid the coronavirus outbreak. CLICK HERE

Crowdfunder page for Covid airway screens surpasses original target in first six hours

Having launched our @crowdfunderuk appeal yesterday, we rapidly surpassed our target - thank you so much to all the donors. Testing of prototypes went well today. After modifications, we'll make more Covid airway screens. - CLICK HERE 

Why do some people get their smell back so quickly after a COVID infection whilst others don’t?

Of course, we are all too familiar with the effect that COVID-19 infection has on our sense of taste and smell, but why do most patients get better whilst, for many, the misery lingers on and on? This paper looks...

The use of a tactical throat mic guitar amp system to improve communication in theatre in the COVID era

During the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) pandemic, current guidelines dictate that surgical teams wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in theatre. Currently this is, at a minimum, an FFP3 respirator, a visor, fluid repellent gown and gloves [1]. Many surgeons, particularly in...

Nottingham hearing experts launch CHEAR (COVID and hearing) study

Researchers based in Nottingham are launching an in-depth and ongoing study into the possible effects of COVID-19 on patients’ hearing, tinnitus and balance. The CHEAR (COVID and hearing, otherwise known as ‘Measuring Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance following COVID-19’) Study will...