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The role of the multidisciplinary team in laryngology and airway – the Charing Cross experience

As the National Centre for Airway Reconstruction, the Charing Cross laryngology MDT provides expert care to patients with airway problems as well as voice and swallowing disorders. In this article, the team explain their raison d’etre and why the MDT...

The Airway Intervention Registry: Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (AIR: RRP) data collection

Laryngeal papillomatosis remains a frustratingly difficult condition to treat. Adam Donne and Steven Powell tells us about a collaborative project aiming to enhance patient care. The first UK Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis registry opened in April 2018 through the AIR (Airway...

One airway, one disease - not for everyone!

While 85% of asthmatic patients have rhinitis, only 20-30% with rhinitis have asthma. Together with atopic dermatitis (AD), rhinitis and asthma form a triad that tend to co-exist in patients (multimorbidity). This co-existence raises the possibility of genetic mechanism. Authors...

Crowdfunder page for Covid airway screens surpasses original target in first six hours

Having launched our @crowdfunderuk appeal yesterday, we rapidly surpassed our target - thank you so much to all the donors. Testing of prototypes went well today. After modifications, we'll make more Covid airway screens. - CLICK HERE 

WAMM 2019: 2nd World Airway Management Meeting