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The debate: endoscopic vs microscopic ear surgery – meta-analysis of outcomes

Although the endoscopic approach to ear surgery has become more common in clinical practice, the debate about its role versus the traditional microscopic approach continues in many ENT units. This meta-analysis from the Mount Sinai ENT department in New York...

VES2 is ready to bring ear surgery into your living room

The VES2 virtual reality bone drilling simulator is ready and it is freeware! After a long development period we are now able to invite everybody to try the simulator and use it for training, for a inner ear anatomy, and...

For Fine Suction Needs – Use DTR’s Single-use Endoscopic Ear Surgery Range

DTR Medical’s range of Sterile Single-use suction instruments are designed to suit the ever-growing use of Endoscopic ear surgery whilst removing the need to reprocess difficult to clean narrow lumen products incorporating a tight bend.

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