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Soluvos Medical brings laryngology products to their customers!

Soluvos Medical is still hoping that 2021 will bring social life, travels and meetings back to normal and that they can finally meet readers again at one of the yet-to-be-scheduled meetings later in the year.

New Exclusive Distributors for Romet Laryngectomee Products

Tom Dodson President of Romet Electronic Larynx proudly announces that Romet has entered exclusive distribution arrangements for all Romet Laryngectomee products in Vietnam and Mexico.

How good ideas become great products: in conversation with three medical innovators

Ever had a great idea for an innovation that would significantly improve your practice, but wondered how to go about developing it? Lucy Dalton interviewed three consultant ENT surgeons-come-successful innovators (one international, one novice and one experienced) who explain what...

Soluvos Medical: international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products

Soluvos Medical is an international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products for laryngology, airway management, otology and rhinology. Its focus is on innovative ENT treatments to reduce pain and recovery time for the patient and improve quality of life.

Identifying clinically useful salivary substitutes

This in vitro study analysed the efficacy of salivary substitutes used in the treatment of xerostomia following head neck irradiation. The researchers applied the products under evaluation onto a synthetic surface and onto cellular gingival models. The products were then...

Making healthcare conferences green

Who knew our healthcare conference industry contributed so much to global carbon emissions? This article summarises means to reduce the impact such that we can continue to meet with our peers for educational meetings and networking, but in a sustainable...

“What we are doing to help and support you” DTR Medical

With COVID-19 placing increasing pressure on our healthcare providers, we are continually innovating and evolving to act in the best interests of both you and your customers.

Soluvos Medical ­­– official partner for COOK OHNS in BeNeLux

Soluvos Medical is proud to be an official partner for COOK OHNS in the BeNeLux region, as of 1 February 2022, for the COOK OHNS product line: Sialendoscopy, Biodesign Otologic repair, Doppler Blood Flow Monitor, Biodesign Dural repair.

DP Medical secures UK-exclusive distribution deal for new vocal implant

An innovative vocal implant system, to be exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by DP Medical, will help patients recover and improve their voices.

Funding your otolaryngology / audiology idea by partnering with 
the US Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has been an effective partner in many of our current medical technology advancements, from the surgical robot, to improved clotting wound dressings, to better blood products. For the otolaryngology and audiology entrepreneur looking...

Soluvos Medical is a corporate sponsor of the ELS

Everyone had hoped to see each other in person at the postponed 2020 ELS in Berlin. Instead, everyone will meet at the: Virtual European Laryngological Society meeting on 28th May 2021