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GN ReSound LiNX

As a general rule, it is not the objective of the Tech Reviews column to review hearing aids. However, when a product emerges that transcends the hearing aid industry, generating the type of media ‘buzz’ that hearing aids don’t typically...

Funding your otolaryngology / audiology idea by partnering with 
the US Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has been an effective partner in many of our current medical technology advancements, from the surgical robot, to improved clotting wound dressings, to better blood products. For the otolaryngology and audiology entrepreneur looking...

ReSound ONE: a new breakthrough hearing aid that uses the individual’s unique ear shape to collect sound

Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. Yet, the most commonly worn hearing aids use a standardised approach modelled on an ‘average ear’, which can compromise sound quality.

Trachealator non-occlusive airway dilation balloon

DISA Medinotec is a medical devices company which provides innovative, ground-breaking technology and specialises in the manufacturing and development of niche products in the fields of ENT, airway management and surgical devices.

Distribution partners sought for Insight Smart ENT unit

The Insight Smart ENT unit is designed to provide ENT specialists with optimal solutions.

Carleton Announce new KTP laser

Carleton Medical Ltd, a leading supplier of both Co2 and KTP surgical lasers for ENT, has announced the release of a new laser.

SnapPROBE™ Accessories for Sera™, easyScreen™ and Novus™ with Sanibel Supply

Newborn hearing screening demands complex and sensitive technology to record the electrophysiological and physiological responses needed (ABR and OAE).


Ream Surgical Ltd are delighted to be able to add the NEW MedLED Chrome MC6 (New Sapphire) Portable surgical headlight to its range of products.

GN to help millions of Americans with unaddressed hearing loss thanks to the new OTC hearing aid category

Following the release of the OTC hearing aid regulations by the FDA on Tuesday 16 August, GN have announced their support of the ambition to help more people access hearing aids.

New edition of Virtual Hearing Aid Care published

Scholaship@Western has published v2.0 of a clinical practice guideline (CPG) on Virtual Hearing Aid Care.

Instrumentation for Audiology and Hearing Science: Theory and Practice - Second Edition

This book is informative, with concise explanations of basic principles of physics and technology aiding the reader in understanding how these are related to instrumentation used within audiology and scientific aspects of hearing. A valuable text to have on the...

‘Pen’doscope - writing in a reduction in healthcare delivery costs

Optimal management of cleft lip and palate requires a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment, with the goal being maintenance of facial growth and improvement in speech and hearing, in addition to closure of the cleft. This can be especially challenging...