This is the first part of a two-article review of the efficacy of different modalities of treatments used for treatment of stuttering / stammering. In this article, the authors describe their efforts to identify and quantify evidence on various interventions used to treat developmental stuttering amongst all age groups. They conducted a literature search for articles reporting non-pharmacological modalities for developmental stuttering and evaluated study quality using a tool for considering risk of bias. They found that most of the interventions are likely to benefit at least some of the patients with stuttering. However, they also found that the response to these treatments varied vastly depending upon individuals and could be maintained with all types of interventions, although less so with feedback and technology interventions. This article is an exhaustive literature review encompassing all types of interventions and their efficacy in all age groups, compared to other studies which restrict themselves to either specific age groups or specific treatment modalities.

The state of the art in non-pharmacologic interventions for developmental stuttering. Part I: a systematic review of effectiveness.
Baxter S, Johnson M, Blank L, et al.
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Gauri Mankekar

Department of Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery, Louisiana State University Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.

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