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Vocal cord paralysis: an update

The management of unilateral vocal cord paralysis has changed in the last few years: this has largely come about as a result of improvements in technology, meaning that medialisations are quicker and easier to perform than previously. This article will...

Early injection laryngoplasty for iatrogenic vocal fold movement impairment – a safe and effective treatment

This Ed’s Choice examines the role of early injection laryngoplasty on swallowing dysfunction and is one of a few studies available in the literature. Research on early injection laryngoplasty has been predominately focused on voice and reducing the risk of...

Application of balloon dilatation in chronic eustachian tube dysfunction

Chronic eustachian tube dysfunction prevails in 1% of the adult population and can predispose to middle ear disease. There are subjective and objective features of this condition that can affect quality of life. The common methods to treat eustachian tube...

Soluvos Medical is looking forward to the congress season

The Soluvos team is looking forward to finally meeting readers in person. It has been such a long time! The team will be at the following events

An update on laryngeal reinnervation

Laryngeal paralysis remains very difficult to treat, but reinnervation offers many attractions. Laryngeal paralysis presents a unique and varied problem that requires a patient centred approach and a range of treatment options depending on laryngeal and patient factors. There is...

Soluvos Medical: international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products

Soluvos Medical is an international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products for laryngology, airway management, otology and rhinology. Its focus is on innovative ENT treatments to reduce pain and recovery time for the patient and improve quality of life.

Turbinate reduction in rhinoplasty patients

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by both plastic and otorhinolaryngology surgeons using varying approaches and methods for both functional and cosmetic reasons. This plastic surgery article identified that inferior turbinate hypertrophy is often encountered during rhinoplasty surgery and a New York...

Soluvos Medical supports many hands-on courses

Soluvos Medical is looking forward to meeting you at the various congresses, workshops and symposia throughout the world in 2020 and will be supporting the following hands-on workshops and congresses.

Soluvos Medical expands exclusive distribution agreement with Cytophil, Inc.

Cytophil, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of the exclusive distribution agreement with Soluvos Medical BV for Cytophil’s ENT products for all European countries, including United Kingdom, plus Dutch territories, South Africa and India.

11th Winter Days of Laryngology

Run by Professor Gauthier Desuter and his Belgian team, this well-executed marriage of a stunning ski holiday and a truly educational conference is one to book!

Advances in Rhinoplasty

AAFPRS 2019 Advances in Rhinoplasty takes Orlando by storm Report by Wendy Lewis, President, Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd Global Aesthetics Consultancy. Paul Nassif, MD from Beverly Hills, USA. Over 800 rhinoplasty surgeons traveled from all over the world to...