DP Medical brings groundbreaking non-occlusive airway dilation balloon to UK market

Leading healthcare supplies company, DP Medical Systems Ltd, is bringing a groundbreaking, non-occlusive airway dilation balloon to the UK market.

The era of lateral flow tests in ENT

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the versatility of lateral flow tests (LFTs), with heavy endorsement from healthcare professionals and a greater awareness among the general public.

Hearing Care Centre Ipswich relocates to new state-of-the-art clinic

Audiology & aural care experts at the Hearing Care Centre expand operations in Ipswich with the relocation of their flagship clinic.

Quick & Efficient Procedures with DTR’s Sterile Single-use Aural Care Range of Instruments

DTR Medical’s Single-use Aural Care Instruments have been carefully designed to assist in the restoration of hearing through a Hearing Aid when the mechanism becomes sclerosed or fused together.

The central ENT decontamination model: a help or a hindrance?

According to NHS England, over 400,000 patients were waiting for ENT treatment in the UK in January 2022. This figure forms part of the overall 33.5% increase in the number of patients waiting for Referral to Treatment (RTT) compared to February 2020[1].

GN to help millions of Americans with unaddressed hearing loss thanks to the new OTC hearing aid category

Following the release of the OTC hearing aid regulations by the FDA on Tuesday 16 August, GN have announced their support of the ambition to help more people access hearing aids.

New technology from GN Hearing addresses the No.1 hearing aid challenge: hearing speech in noise

ReSound OMNIA, the latest innovation from GN Hearing, promises to set a new standard in hearing technology.

GSI releases video series: Closing the Audiology Gap with Automation

Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, hosted a conversation with Dr James W Hall III and Dr Robert Margolis to discuss the current landscape around the patient-provider gap and the essential need for an automated tool.

New Probe Placement Indicator for Affinity Compact

Interacoustics is happy to release a Probe Placement Indicator for their Affinity Compact – a new feature which makes probe placement much easier and faster when doing real-ear measurements.

Continue ENT Diagnosis, Safely – with Single-use SNAP, Endoscope Guide

The SNAP, Endoscope Guide ensures safe passage of a nasendoscope through a surgical mask.

New Audio CARL and CARL Platform Released by AHead Simulations

AHead Simulations brings accessibility and affordability to education and research in hearing healthcare through their release of the All-New Audio CARL and Newly Updated CARL Platform.

Neuromod publishes results of second large-scale clinical trial for tinnitus, shows greater improvement of symptoms

Neuromod Devices, the medical device company specialising in tinnitus, has published the results of its TENT-A2 (Treatment Evaluation of Neuromodulation for Tinnitus – Stage A2) clinical trial in the scientific journal, Nature – Scientific Reports in a paper titled ‘Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial’.