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Treatment Workstations are essential elements for the ENT outpatient room, being a hybrid between a piece of furniture and a technological working unit, integrating in a single system several basic devices for outpatient activities.

Euroclinic Medi-Care Solutions is a leader in the production of treatment units for otorhinolaryngology which combine aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the integrated technology, these units make a fundamental contribution to the prevention of contamination, together with the use of disposable elements.

The Otocompact Professional EVO unit contains all necessary elements for outpatient activity in compliance with the guidelines of WHO and sector organisations:

  • Epoxy powder coated steel structure on wheels and linear worktop available in Corian® (by Dupont) or tempered glass, for easy and regular disinfection of the ENT unit and, thanks to its mobility, also of the outpatient room;
  • Handle-free electric drawers with servo-drive technology, with automatic motorised opening and closing;
  • Storage drawers for better instrument protection, including a germicide compartment and dedicated compartments for clear separation between clean and dirty areas;
  • Independence from the water network and internal system with a tank for distilled water ensuring that the water supplied to the ear washing syringe is free of potential contaminants;
  • Independence from the centralised suction system;
  • Suction hoses with smooth and transparent surfaces for easy disinfection;
  • Quivers for rigid and flexible endoscopes, with a clear separation between clean and dirty;
  • Touch Screen 7" for the control and activation of all active instrumentation and consequent reduction in the number of instrument adjustment knobs normally present on treatment units;
  • Control of the motorised patient chair combined with the treatment unit in dual modality, or by Touch Screen 7" positioned on the treatment unit, or hands-free with a pedal;
  • Cold steriliser based on free radicals for the complete sterilisation of the treatment unit, chair and all devices.



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