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Many otolaryngological procedures require the use of drills and irrigation that generate aerosols. Because COVID-19 is assumed to be present in the middle ear and mastoid, otolaryngologists must protect themselves from infection by the virus. Most protective equipment, such as face shields, makes it difficult to work through the eyepiece of a microscope.

Prof Dr med. Joachim Müller (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany).

With the fully digital surgical microscope ARRISCOPE, ARRI Medical offers surgeons protection against COVID-19 infection that does not interfere with their surgical work. One feature of the ARRISCOPE is its high resolution digital binocular, which can be separated from the rest of the microscope. This allows surgeons to protect themselves from the infectious aerosols by way of a transparent plastic disc. A view of the surgical field is still possible and the ergonomic working position that surgeons can adopt also helps to reduce strain on their spines.



ARRI Medical


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