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The Insight Smart ENT unit is designed to provide ENT specialists with optimal solutions. The unit integrates all clinical equipment and systems together. It includes instrument trays and drawers of large capacity and supports flexible endoscopes and monitors, as well as a smart control system for all equipment, including chair, light source and monitors.

 The unit is provided with software that supports the diagnosing process and acts as a clinical management system. Additional features and accessories may be combined and upgraded to meet customers’ special needs. All required functions and diagnostic equipment are perfectly arranged to provide ergonomic working conditions. The unit is available in many colours to suit various styles. All modules can be adapted on site allowing users to upgrade systems to meet changing clinic requirements.

Dr Nabil Ashour, who has developed the unit says, “The Insight Smart ENT unit is of high quality that meets customer expectations at a reasonable price. Our goal is to modernise and equip all ENT clinics with a smart unit to make their work easier.”



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