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The Ida Learning Hall is offering free courses in person-centred hearing care (PCC) to help sharpen counselling and communication skills. These are a great way to learn about tele-audiology, tinnitus management, client engagement and Ida Motivation Tools, how to apply PCC in appointments and more.

The online courses are led by experts in the field who break the topics down into easily digestible chapters. They can be adjusted to the learner’s pace — anytime and anywhere that is convenient. Whether for a new student, a recent graduate or an established professional, there are courses suitable for everyone.

Ida Learning Hall courses are accredited by a number of professional organisations, so free CEUs/CPDs can be earned upon completion. And digital badges and certificates are available for a small fee.

Person-centred care leads to better adherence to treatment recommendations and better outcomes because clients become partners in their own treatment. But it’s sometimes forgotten that putting the client at the centre of their treatment also saves time! By learning and focusing on what is most important to the client, appointments become more efficient.

“At the Ida Institute, we’re dedicated to helping hearing care professionals deliver the best care possible. We believe the best care is built on PCC, which is why we developed the Ida Learning Hall as a free resource people can use to develop their counselling and communication skills,” says Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen.

With almost 10,000 registered users, the Learning Hall has become a popular destination for hearing care professionals all over the world. Some courses are available in multiple languages so they’re accessible to a wider audience.

The Ida Institute is releasing new free courses regularly, so there’s always something to help hearing care professionals take care to the next level.


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