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Optim LLC manufactures the innovative ENTity™ series of nasopharyngoscopes and related products for the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders. The company maintains that ENTity is currently the only product on the market that can state that it is fully portable, with self-contained lighting and is backed by a two-year warranty.

As facilities begin to reopen, Optim wants to be a part of the solution to make the patient and office staff feel safer. They have partnered with other vendors to offer new product options to help maintain safety.

The VidCap USB camera offers a quick plug and play design, allowing still and streaming video to be taken and stored within the patient management software. With the addition of the VidCap coupled to a flexible or rigid endoscope, additional space is created between the clinician and patient during the endoscopy, adding another level of safety. The camera and coupler are fully immersible in Cidex OPA, meeting COVID-19 reprocessing efficacy. Optim offers optional all-in-one PCs or laptops for connection.



Optim LLC
T: +1 508 347 5100

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