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Interacoustics has just announced the release of Lyra, a new PC-based and dedicated product for clinical OAE that provides fast and reliable DPOAE and TEOAE measurements.







Clinical OAE made simple

Lyra offers a flexible software suite, which enables detailed interpretation and analysis of test data. OtoAccess® Database compatibility and easy navigation ensures a simple workflow for the clinician, leaving more time for the patient and secure handling of patient data.

According to Interacoustics’ OAE Specialist, Peter Bray, PhD: 
“Lyra optimizes the way we measure OAEs, as a part of Interacoustics’ journey to roll out better and better OAE instruments.”

Portable yet powerful
Lyra can be connected via USB to your PC. Lyra is powered by the USB connection, eliminating the need for an external power supply. This ensures a small footprint and high portability.


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