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As hearing aid devices continue to evolve, RAYOVAC© has progressed their hearing aid battery technology to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Active Core Plus is the technology behind the best RAYOVAC® hearing aid battery yet, offering consumers even more* of the long-lasting performance and reliability they expect from RAYOVAC.

 Building on the strong foundation of Active Core Technology, Active Core Plus is designed with more sophisticated functionality to meet the demands of modern day devices. It consistently delivers excellent performance, quality and reliability – giving users an even better experience and peace of mind.

Active Core Plus incorporates:

  • Breakthrough materials – providing longer* lasting power in today’s most demanding devices.
  • Enhanced manufacturing process – for improved* consistency in handling and mixing active materials.
  • New formulation – optimised* concentration of materials to improve the life of the battery.

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Director of Marketing at RAYOVAC©, said: “At RAYOVAC©, we are constantly investing in and pushing the boundaries of hearing aid battery technology. We’ve worked with both hearing aid users and hearing professionals to develop a product that provides even longer lasting power in today’s most demanding devices and ultimately giving them the power to hear more.”

Active Core Plus technology is available in RAYOVAC® Extra and ProLine hearing aid batteries, with improved cell consistency, longer lasting battery life and increased cell stability.

*vs. previous RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries.



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