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During the difficult times of COVID-19, Labat Asia’s R&D department worked hard and came up with a product useful for COVID times.

Labat announces their COVID-ready audiometer – a touch-free audiometer which, according to the company, is an industry first and highly relevant at the current time.

This audiometer offers the flexibility of using it in stand-alone mode or through an application compatible with any Android or iOS device e.g. mobile phone, tablet, iPad etc.


  • AC and BC with masking
  • Speech and tone decay test
  • Perform PTA using mobile application – LABAT Audio
  • Auto threshold test (Hughson Westlake method)
  • Choice of storing data locally on mobile device itself or on central cloud-based server to get access from anywhere anytime
  • Suitable for chain / multiple clinics



LABAT Asia Private Ltd.
T: 1800 123 004455 (toll-free number)
Mobile/WhatsApp: +98 765 22996

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