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COVID-19 changed the world and from the start it became clear that digital technologies would be the key to overcoming this pandemic. They guarantee reliable home office working, but also the ability to stay in touch with family and friends. Nearly every organisation was taken by surprise by the total shutdown and everyone had to shift to online services. For universities, digital teaching is not completely new and lectures are regularly made available online. However, for medical teaching, where students have to be present in the operating room, few solutions are available.



ARRI Medical, therefore, integrated a live streaming solution into their fully digital 3D microscope, ARRISCOPE. Via this, the image of the surgical field with synchronous audio can be made available for students. For interaction with students, a parallel live chat has been implemented into the live stream from the OR. The surgeon may also include additional annotations on the live image via an augmented reality function. This ASSIST-mode feature also works in the other direction: with this tool, annotations of the live image can be made on the ARRISCOPE´s touch screen and displayed directly on the binocular.

In addition, the ARRISCOPE is used during LION broadcasts (, a regular international virtual conference where surgeons from around the world perform surgeries to share and discuss their expertise and knowledge with colleagues, while they are in their own offices.

With its first-class image quality, the ARRISCOPE stands out from other microscopes and allows participants an even better insight into and understanding of the surgeon’s lecture.



ARRI Medical

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