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At a time when many businesses have had their services negatively affected by the COVID pandemic, it is refreshing news that Chime audiology has used this time as an opportunity to refresh and add to theirs.



Using the latest digital testing and hearing aid technology, Chime has ensured their customers' hearing needs are not neglected, especially those continuing to shield at home. Chime continues to run its standard face-to-face hearing tests and fittings across Devon, along with developing a new fully virtual testing and fitting service, allowing Chime not only to meet previous monthly fitting targets, but exceed them. A number of helpful ‘how to’ videos covering a range of topics have also been created, easily accessible through their website.

In even more exciting news, Chime recently revealed its new hardware partner that has helped with this transformation – Signia, a leading manufacturer and expert in hearing aids technology.



Chime Health
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