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RAYOVAC® is committed to retaining its position as the world’s leading hearing aid battery manufacturer*. They invest millions each year to develop their technological advancements, user-friendly packaging and first-class customer service, which make them the go-to provider for original equipment manufacturers, hearing care professionals and consumers around the world.

With more than 110 years as a hearing aid battery technology leader, Rayovac’s focus is on developing a product that meets the needs of the consumer, giving them the power to hear more for longer.

Optimised to meet the needs of next generation devices, RAYOVAC® Active Core Plus Technology provides the longevity, reliability and power needed to cope with any situation. No hearing aid battery lasts longer**.

As Rayovac’s audiology customers provide vital services for hearing aid users around the globe, the company’s focus is on supporting them. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the company has kept its production lines running and supply chain in operation to ensure that people remain connected, at a time when they need it the most.


* Based on internal company estimates of worldwide market share.
** Based on ANSI/IEC tests for sizes 312 and 13



T: 0845 6431 675

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