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Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. Yet, the most commonly worn hearing aids use a standardised approach modelled on an ‘average ear’, which can compromise sound quality. ReSound ONE is a long-awaited breakthrough that gives everyone a solution individualised precisely to their own hearing anatomy.

The company states that it is the world’s first full-featured hearing aid with a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design (M&RIE), that places an additional microphone inside the ear canal, allowing users to experience the world with their own ears while preserving the comfort of an open-fit device.

GN Hearing CEO and President, Gitte Aabo says, “This technology will allow people with hearing loss to feel that they are literally getting their own hearing back and hearing the way nature intended.

ReSound ONE is available from 27 August 2020.



GN Resound

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