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DTR Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now packaging and distributing the SNAP (Safe Nasendoscopic Assisted Procedure) device developed by endoscope-i. DTR Medical will be the exclusive national and global distributor of the life-saving product.


A large risk to both ENT Surgeons and Speech & Language Therapists is whilst carrying out a Nasendoscopy procedure the Clinician is at significantly higher levels of contracting COVID-19. The SNAP device aims to provide better safety and care for both the Patient and Clinician.

The device ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask, creating an aperture for the Endoscope to pass through into the Nasal Cavity. This meaning that any coughs, splutters, or sneezes throughout the procedure are caught in the Mask, which is easily disposed of after use.



endoscope-i are made up of a team of Surgeons and Engineers with the goal of creating simple solutions for seemingly complex problems.

With only 8% of Nasendoscopies currently being performed1, this brand-new innovation was designed with the aim of getting Clinicians back Endoscoping patients safely.

“COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our home and professional lives. ENT services across the world have been placed into disarray whilst clinicians debated the true meaning of an Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGPs). Like many clinicians we were concerned to see the huge negative impact reducing Nasendoscopic examinations had on the early diagnosis of cancer not to mention many of the other commonly presenting ENT conditions. Being both Clinicians and innovators, we were able to pool the skills sets within our company, endoscope-i, to conceive, prototype, design, test and manufacture a safe method of performing Nasendoscopy through a surgical mask.

Thank you for making the clinical environment a safer place for our patients and colleagues. Safe endoscopy starts with a ‘SNAP’.”

Ajith George, FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon & Chris Coulson, PhD, FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon


A Free Box for Every NHS ENT Clinic in the UK

As part of DTR’s commitment to help protect frontline healthcare workers, alongside endoscope-i they will be supplying a free box of SNAP’s to every UK ENT Clinic in the NHS.






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